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IMPORTANT NOTICE: K3 Armory will be implementing rate increases on most FFL Transfer services starting on January 1, 2023. Read more about these price changes.

FFL Transfers for Local Private-Party Sales

Virginia’s new Universal Background Check law requires that any Virginia resident who wishes to sell a firearm to another person — even a neighbor or friend — must have a background and criminal history check performed on the buyer before he/she can obtain the weapon. These transactions are commonly referred to as “private party” or “person to person” local gun sales.

As of July 1, 2020 all firearm sales in Virginia, whether they are purchased from a Federal Firearm Licensee (FFL) Dealer OR from an unlicensed private-party seller, require a universal background check. This means that a licensed FFL Dealer like K3 Armory is now needed facilitate private party, person-to-person gun sales in Virginia.

K3 Armory is a licensed FFL Dealer located in Chesterfield, VA and offers FFL transfer services for private party gun sales, local private-party gun purchases, person to person firearm sales, local FFL dealer transfers and background checks in the Chesterfield, Richmond, Midlothian, Chester, Powhatan, Amelia Court House and Mosley areas of Virginia.

K3 Armory provides FFL Transfer services for local, person-to-person sales between two private party individuals. We will help fill out the necessary federal, local and state paperwork and then complete the required background and criminal history check on the buyer. This ensures that buyer isn't a prohibited person and that they are legally approved to purchase and posses a firearm. To do this type of transfer, both parties must come into K3 Armory's location.

This service is only available to sellers/buyers WHO ARE VIRGINIA RESIDENTS and that are local to the Richmond, Virginia area (or are able visit our location in Chesterfield, VA to complete the private party transfer).

Private Party FFL Transfer Steps

If you and another person are attempting to buy/sell/trade a firearm in the Richmond, VA area - and would like to use K3 Armory as your private party FFL transfer agent - please follow these important steps:

  • STEP #1:

    Both the Seller and Buyer must review and fully understand all information in these links before proceeding!

    1. Virginia's New Universal Background Check Law Now in Effect
    2. Buying and Selling a Firearm to a Private Party Individual in Virginia
    3. Private Party FFL Transfer FAQs
    4. FFL Transfer Terms and Conditions

    Both parties should familiarize themselves with the basic Federal laws regarding the sale and purchase of firearms. Your City/County may have additional rules and regulations. You should also confirm that the item you are purchasing can be legally possessed in your area of residence.

    The Buyer should refer to the ATF's list of Prohibited Persons and the Virginia State Police Firearms Purchase Eligibility Test to confirm that they are legally allowed to purchase and/or possess a gun.

    Both parties should review the Virginia State Police's Private Sale Transactions rules.

  • STEP #2:

    The Seller and Buyer of the firearm should communicate privately and come to an agreement regarding the cost and all terms of the sale.

    IMPORTANT: K3 Armory will not participate in, negotiate or handle any payments between the private party individuals (the Seller and Buyer). Our purpose in the process is to ONLY complete the proper paperwork and run the background check on the Buyer.

    All terms of the sale and actual exchange of funds/goods/services for the firearm being sold should be handled privately between the Buyer and Seller - completely independent of the K3 Armory.

    Then you’ll need to have the firearm “transferred” to you via an FFL Transfer.

  • STEP #3:

    The Buyer OR Seller should contact K3 Armory by email or phone at (804) 588-9225 and let us know that you would us to facilitate a local, private party FFL Transfer. We'll ask a few questions about the details of your transaction and will ask to verify that both parties have read and understand the information on this page.

  • STEP #4:

    If we determine that we can help with our transfer, then we'll ask that one of the parties (Buyer OR Seller - not both) visit our online scheduling web page to book your Private Party FFL Transfer appointment. Both parties should show up at this agreed upon time.

    FFL Transfers are by appointment only. Please do not schedule an appointment until you are instructed to do so AND do not call, email or drop-in to request an appointment time.

    Online payment for your FFL Transfer fee is preferred at the time of booking and can be paid by all major credit cards through our secure website. We can also accept credit card or cash payments at our location. Any additional services performed on site during your transfer that incur other fees can be paid for by credit card or cash during your appointment time. All fees are outlined in detail on this page as well as on our Private Party FFL Transfer FAQs page.

  • STEP #5:

    Since K3 Armory is not a part of the terms and payment of the actual firearm sale, the Seller and Buyer should privately complete the transaction and exchange payment for the firearm BEFORE arriving for their transfer appointment.

    We recommend that the Seller and Buyer fill out and exchange a private party firearm "Bill of Sale". This will include basic information on both parties and provide written proof of the transaction. Templates can easily be found online that are free to download. An example can be found here. THIS IS NOT PROVIDED BY K3 ARMORY.

    Before the appointment time, both Seller and Buyer should be proactive and ensure that they have the necessary identification, documents and payment that will be required to complete the FFL Transfer. Refer to our Private Party FFL Transfer FAQs for a complete list of what documentation is needed.

  • STEP #6:

    Both parties should arrive at our location at the scheduled appointment time with the necessary identification and documents required to complete the Private Party FFL Transfer.

    The Seller/Owner of the firearm to be transferred will bring it along with their identification. We will receive the firearm from them and log it into our ATF record keeping book. At this point the firearm has been legally transferred to K3 Armory. The Seller can stay for the next step, or is free to leave at that time.

    The Buyer/Receiver can come in at the same time as the Seller (recommended) or can come in at a later time. The Buyer will fill out the federal and state firearm purchase forms and present the proper identification. K3 Armory will then complete a background and criminal history check on the prospective Buyer.

    Anyone buying a gun in Virginia must pass a background check before the firearm can be transferred to their possession.

    Once the paperwork is completed by both parties and the Buyer has passed the required background check and paid the FFL Transfer fee; the firearm will be transferred to the new owner and the transaction is complete.


Private Party FFL Transfers

FFL Transfer services for firearms transactions between two private party individuals who are Virginia residents.


* VA residents only (includes a $38 transfer fee and a $2 VA State Police background check access fee). Additional weapons that are part of the same sale have a reduced $10 transfer fee each.
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Quick Links and Resources

Important quick links to Private Party FFL Transfer resources for Buyers and Sellers:

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