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FFL Transfer service fee rate increases starting January 1, 2023


K3 Armory will be implementing rate increases on most FFL Transfer services starting on January 1, 2023. While unfortunate and not our preference, it is a necessity due to several factors that are beyond our control.

Why are we charging so much more now?

You can thank these price changes on the following reasons, to name a few:

  1. Skyrocketing administrative costs (small business insurance, credit card processing fees, security fees, website hosting fees, etc, etc). Yes, it does actually cost money to run a business! And yes, even your small transfer fee must help offset those costs - or we are out of business.
  2. Increasing liability risks and legal concerns. Gun stores/FFL Dealers are now being civilly sued by crime victims and forced into VERY costly (frivolous, or not) legal battles to defend themselves - simply for doing background checks and/or legally transferring firearms. Have you seen how much lawyers cost these days?!?!
  3. Increased scrutiny, rules and penalties imposed by the ATF on all FFL Dealers. As well as additional time consuming paperwork requirements.
  4. Unfair pricing practices by Big Box online firearm dealers (ie: insert the popular .com gun store of your choice here) that are able to purchase in large quantities for huge discounts. Thus pricing small FFL Dealers and local stores out of the market. But then they rely solely on those same local Dealers to facilitate the background check and transfer to their customer (aka "Inbound FFL Transfers"). So they pocket 100% of the profit and assume 0% of the risk (see #2 above)!
  5. New discriminatory shipping practices by common carriers such as UPS and FedEx that are making it more difficult, more time consuming and VERY expensive to ship and receive firearms of any kind. All of that effects our bottom line and increases our overhead (see #1 above).
  6. Rampant credit card fraud, chargebacks and theft.
  7. The current hostile political and social environment against FFL Dealers (both personally and professionally) as well as the firearm industry as a whole.


What are the new fees as of January 1st, 2023?

  • Inbound FFL Transfers for VA residents: was $25, now $40.
  • Inbound FFL Transfers for NON-VA residents: was $30, now $50.
  • Private Party Transfers (VA residents only): was $20, now $40.
  • Outbound FFL Shipping for VA residents: still $25. Plus actual shipping and handling costs (which will cost more - see #5 above).
  • Additional firearms for any of the above services: still $10 additional per firearm after the first.


What can you do about it?

  1. STOP shopping at huge .com gun stores! Shop small, shop local. Please consider letting K3 Armory quote you before you purchase from one of those .com dealers - we can probably save you some money AND the inbound transfer fee!!
  2. Join the NRA and simliar organizations that help support and defend your 2nd Amendment rights.
  3. Oh, and VOTE!!!


Don't think our time, knowledge and services are worth these new transfer fees?

Well, there's a simple solution to that = find someone else to do your transfer! My service fees are based on my knowledge/time/business expenses/liability risks/etc - and NOT your budget.