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ZQI Ammunition

ZQI Ammunition ZQI 9mm NATO Handgun Ammo - 124 Grain | FMJ | 50 Round Box

Product Code : ZQI9mm124-BOX


Mfg Item #: ZQI9mm124x50

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Yes, we 100% know this is NOT CHEAP! We had to pay an extreme premium for this ammunition and unfortunately cannot offer it at a lower price. We get asked everyday if we have 9mm ammo to sell and we were tired of telling our Customers "no".

Prices have tripled, if not doubled for small retailers/dealers AND consumers alike. Despite what many sellers like ourselves are accused of, WE ARE NOT PRICE GOUGING. We pay more = you pay's basic Economics 101. In fact, our margins are FAR LESS than they have been previously. In other words, we are actually making LESS money (again, because we have to pay significantly more as well). 

We do not foresee prices for any caliber of ammunition dropping anytime soon. Here is an option (albeit outrageously expensive compared to years past) to at least get your hands on some 9mm ammo. No limit on quantity - please call or email to confirm availability as inventory turns VERY quickly.

This is 9mm NATO ammo by ZQI. You don’t typically see the acronym for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization mentioned after “9mm,” and indeed this ammo is a little different from the range loads you’ll typically find in stores. NATO specs call for a slightly “hotter” cartridge, loaded to create a higher chamber pressure and accordingly higher muzzle velocity.

We have not yet measured this round’s muzzle velocity for ourselves, but ZQI says its velocity at 17.5 yards is 1,214 fps. That would certainly make its muzzle velocity faster than average. Since this ammo is a bit on the peppery side, you may want to compare its performance to a 9mm +P. That would make it suitable for training if you use overpressure ammo for self-defense and want something analogous to practice with, or just want to enjoy a flatter trajectory for target shooting.

This round’s bullet is a stock 124 grain FMJ. Certainly nothing fancy, just a lead core and copper alloy jacket that prevents deformation and reduces barrel leading. You’ll get a proper good brass case after firing each of these rounds to save for future fun at the reloading bench. This ammo is also non-corrosive, so you can clean your weapon as you normally would without running the risk of it looking like it was dipped in sea water.


  • SKU: ZQI9mm124-BOX
  • MPN: zqi9mm124x50
  • Manufacturer: ZQI Ammunition
  • Condition: New
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Bullet Type: FMJ
  • Grain Weight: 124
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1,214 fps
  • Units per box: 50

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